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Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur le Médicament de Normandie

CERMN EA 4258 - FR CNRS 3038 INC3M - SF 4206 ICORE - Tremplin Carnot I2C

Research team

Université de Caen



Research interest:

With its four platforms and considerable analytical capacity, CERMN is recognized as an interdisciplinary drug design unit at the interface between the physicochemical and the biological sciences. CERMN has the expertise to design and produce novel derivatives with therapeutic or diagnostic interest. Compounds whose in vitro activity and drugability have been attested are then engaged in preclinical trials in association with biologists and pharmacologists. CERMN?s experience in this field contributed also to the creation in 2012 of a Master?s degree in Drug Design. The areas of research currently being developed at the Centre are in cancer research and the neurosciences, with scientific priority given to polypharmacology and protein-protein interactions

CERMN's teams and organization

Collaborations that have resulted in joint publications with other teams of the network:

David VAUDRY / U1239 - Differenciation et Communication Neuronale et Neuroendocrine

Ongoing collaborations which have not yet conducted to joint publications:

Olivier BOYER / U1234 (PANTHER)
Denis VIVIEN / UMR-S U1237

Main publications over the last few years:


Schmoldt A, Benthe HF and Haberland GDigitoxin metabolism by rat liver microsomes. Biochem Pharmacol 1975, 241639-41.

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