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Lymphocyte regulation and tolerance

UMRS 1064/ITUN-Centre de Recherche en Transplantation et en Immunologie

Research team


Arnaud NICOT (Team leaders: S.Brouard & D.Laplaud)
Contact for the network: Arnaud NICOT

30 Bd Jean Monnet

Research interest:

The team 4 of CRTI addresses questions related to T and B lymphocytes in transplantation and in multiple sclerosis (MS), with a basic and translational approach, thanks to the bio-collections and databases. Using state-of art single immune cell analysis, we are defining the phenotype of these lymphocyte populations from MS patients to better delineate their specificities and pathogenic role. As recent data suggest an important role of focal inflammation and reactive glia in white matter autoimmune pathology, we are applying LCM to white matter sections to better analyze the molecular profile of in situ reactive astrocytes in the context of MS and its animal models.

Immune cells (CD45high, red) attracted by CCL2 expressing white matter astrocytes (green). From PMID 20404154.

Key words: Lymphocytes, Glia, multiple sclerosis, neuroinflammation, steroids, FACS, Laser Capture Microdissection

Collaborations that have resulted in joint publications with other teams of the network:


Ongoing collaborations which have not yet conducted to joint publications:

Thierry CHARLIER / IRSET INSERM U1085/ Unversité de Rennes 1

Main publications over the last few years:


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