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Université de Rouen


University of Rouen
Place E. Blondel
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan Cedex

Research interest:

The Proteomic Platform (PFP) includes 3 facilities: electrophoresis, mass spectrometry and peptide sequencing. The PfP has different equipment: robots, mass spectrometers, microsequencers, nano-LC, ... to meet user demands in the field of proteomic. The PfP is developing methodological approaches for the analysis of biological processes such as protein phosphorylation. The PfP contributes to the training of permanent staff and students. A quality management system has been established and operates under ISO 9001 version 2000 requirements.

Main publications over the last few years:


Péden R, Rocher B, Chan P, Vaudry D, Poret A, Olivier S, Le Foll F and Bultelle FConsequences of acclimation on the resistance to acute thermal stress: Proteomic focus on mussels from pristine site. Mar Environ Res 2016, 12164-73.


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Goichon A, Bertrand J, Chan P, Lecleire S, Coquard A, Cailleux AF, Vaudry D, Déchelotte P and Coëffier MEnteral delivery of proteins enhances the expression of proteins involved in the cytoskeleton and protein biosynthesis in human duodenal mucosa. Am J Clin Nutr 2015, 102359-67.


Young CN, Sinadinos A, Lefebvre A, Chan P, Arkle S, Vaudry D and Gorecki DCA novel mechanism of autophagic cell death in dystrophic muscle regulated by P2RX7 receptor large-pore formation and HSP90. Autophagy 2015, 11113-30.


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Le Mauff F,, Mercier G, Chan P, Burel C, Vaudry D, Bardor M, Vézina LP, Couture M, Lerouge P and Landry NBiochemical composition of haemagglutinin-based influenza virus-like particle vaccine produced by transient expression in tobacco plants. Plant Biotechnol J 2015, 13717-25.


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Salzano S, Checconi P, Hanschmann EM, Lillig CH, Bowler LD, Chan P, Vaudry D, Mengozzi M, Coppo L, Sacre S, Atkuri KR, Sahaf B, Herzenberg LA, Herzenberg LA, Mullen L and Ghezzi PLinkage of inflammation and oxidative stress via release of glutathionylated peroxiredoxin-2, which acts as a danger signal. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014, 11112157-62.


Bertrand J, Goichon A, Chan P, Azhar S, Lecleire S, Donnadieu N, Vaudry D, Cailleux AF, Déchelotte P and Coëffier MEnteral glutamine infusion modulates ubiquitination of heat shock proteins, Grp-75 and Apg-2, in the human duodenal mucosa. Amino Acids 2014, 461059-67.


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Bertrand J, Tennoune N, Marion-Letellier R, Goichon A, Chan P, Mbodji K, Vaudry D, Déchelotte P and Coëffier MEvaluation of ubiquitinated proteins by proteomics reveals the role of the ubiquitin proteasome system in the regulation of Grp75 and Grp78 chaperone proteins during intestinal inflammation. Proteomics 2013, 133284-92.


Goichon A, Chan P, Lecleire S, Coquard A, Cailleux AF, Walrand S, Lerebours E, Vaudry D, Déchelotte P and Coëffier MAn enteral leucine supply modulates human duodenal mucosal proteome and decreases the expression of enzymes involved in fatty acid beta-oxidation. J Proteomics 2013, 78535-44.


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